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Hi, I am Ganapathy Vignesh, an Engineering student pursuing degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering living in Madurai, Tamilnadu, India. I am passionate about Linux, Blogging, Learning new things. I started my blogging journey in the middle of 2013 and took it seriously in the late 2013. I write whatever I learn in my life with the hope of it would be helpful to someone. Feel free to approach me.

Any doubts regarding my articles? Just leave a comment. I will reply as early as possible.

About Sync With Tech

A technology blog created to simplify tech related things to its readers. The prime purpose of this blog is to give software related tips, tricks and suggestions which can enhance reader's pc experience. This blog will also try to give solutions to some day to day software related problems everyone face with their pcs.

Posts tagged under Utilities are the evergreen posts of this blog that mainly focuses on enhancing user ability. Simply, doing more with the less you have. Anyone can read those posts.

Posts tagged under Solution will try to give a solution for a particular problem. Posts under these tags are written with greatest effort to help the users as much as possible. Mainly, it focuses on a particular problem.

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