10 Facebook Tips You can't Afford to Ignore

With 1.3 billion active users, Facebook is the most successful social network among world people. Day by day, the number of users joining Facebook increases steadily. Most of us know how to utilize the features of Facebook to make the most out of it. In this post, I share the most basic and important 10 features of it which I guess you don't know. Also, please don't blame me if you already know some of the tips mentioned.


#1. Get post & comment links

Often, you would come across a stunning post in Facebook which you couldn't share explicitly or you are too lazy to share it in custom. Sometimes, you may want your friend to check out a particular comment. You can get the link of any particular post or any particular comment by clicking on the timestamp (Refer below images). Else, you can simply right click the link and select 'Copy link address' and send it to your friend.

obtaining post links on facebookobtaining comment links on facebook

#2. Download Facebook videos

If you know how to download a YouTube video, you will easily download any video on Facebook which is posted from YouTube. Sometimes, it will not be the case, the uploader would have directly uploaded it on Facebook. It is also easy to download this kind of videos. Just drag and drop the below bookmarklet to your addressbar.

Just click on the link you dragged, while playing a Facebook video. You will be given a link to download that particular video. This trick is also applicable to YouTube videos.

Download Video!

#3. Unfollow friend & pages

We all have that one friend who get on our nerves posting something stupid and lame. It is unfair to unfriend him. But, there is a trick to hide his posts from your newsfeed. However, you could visit his timeline and check his posts. This is also simple, just click the downfacing arrow in the top right corner of any of the posts of your friend and select 'Unfollow'. After this, you won't see his posts on your newsfeed. To revert this action, just visit his profile, and select 'follow' (refer image below).

Sometimes, the photos or status updates of some pages may bug you continuously, even if you mightn't have liked those pages. You occasionaly come across those kind of updates, this usually happens when any of your friends like the posts of those pages. You can also permanently hide those updates of those pages. Just click the downfacing arrow on the top right corner of the post and select 'Hide all from <PAGE NAME>'.

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unfollow friend or hide posts

#4. Control what must appear on your timline

Some of our friends might tag us in their lame profile picture or any of their photos to increase the number of likes and comments. The worst part is it will stay on your timeline forever and be showed to anyone visiting your profile unless you tweak some settings.

You have to enable 'Timeline review' in order to have better control over the things appearing on your timeline. You can enable it by visiting 'active log' page of your profile. Just go to your profile and select 'View Activity Log'. In the left side panel select 'Timeline Review'. Now, click on the wrench and change 'Disabled' to 'Enabled'.

Here after, whenever a friend tags you in a photo, it won't appear on your timeline. You can manually allow any photo by selecting 'Add to Timeline' in Timeline Review page. You might also turn on notifications to get notified, when someone tags you in a photo.

enabling timeline review

Even, if you hide those post from your timeline, notifications won't stop hauting you. To get rid of those never stopping notifications, just open the post you're tagged in and click on 'Stop notifications' (refer below image).

stop notifications of tagged photos on facebook

#5. Hide disgusting game posts

Sometimes you could see game posts on your newsfeed. For instance, you may see 'Mr. XXX investigated a murder case in Criminal Case' and this list goes on. Why should you care about what others do in a game. So, you can hide those posts in Facebook. Just click the down facing arrow in any of this posts and select 'Hide all from <APP NAME>' (refer below image).

hiding game posts on newsfeed

#6. Activity log

activity log items menuactivity log time stamps menu

Activity log is like a store room of your all activities in Facebook. Here, you can find the stuff you liked, commented, the questions you answered, things you searched in Facebook, the posts you are tagged in, the day you became friend with someone and this list extends.

With the help of Activity log, you can do some cool stuff. For instance, you can check the very first post you liked or commented after joining Facebook, you can also find out the first friend you added. Just select the appropriate option in the sidebar (see left image) and use the links given in the top right corner (see right image).

#7. Follow posts without posting any comments

Sometimes you may want to know what are all the comments people post in a particular post and you might not want to get yourself involved in that post. One way you can do is bookmark that post link and checking it often. But, it is the hard way of doing it. Actually it will be good, if you can get notifications, when someone post any comments on that particular post.

In this case, what you need to do is just simply click the downfacing arrow of any post you want to stalk and select 'More options' then select 'Turn On Notifications'. Later if you feel uncomfortable with those notifications, you can turn it off the similar way (refer the image below).

This also works in the other way, means when you post a single comment in a post of your friend and his friends start to comment continuously, you can turn off notifications in similar way.

turning on notifications

#8. Get notifications

You won't want to miss single update of some person or page. In this regard, just go to that page or friend's profile and click on the 'Liked' for pages and 'Friends' for people and then select 'Get Notifications'. Afterwards, whenever that page or person updates their status or upload any photos on Facebook, you will get a notification.

get notifications of friendsget notifications of pages

#9. Newsfeed preferences

It is similar to that of third point, but all in one place. Newsfeed preferences will give you the list of all pages you like and the friends you have at one place. You can unfollow any pages or friends with a click. Just hover your mouse over 'newsfeed' in the left sidebar and click on the wrench to access 'Newsfeed preferences'. With this, you could also checkout which page or which friend posted more stories in a week time.

newsfeed preferences window

#10. Blocking

It is frustrating to receive game requests on Facebook, when we hate playing games on Facebook. There is a fix for this issue. You can block app invites by two means. One way, you can block invites from one particular friend. It is useful when your friend is a game freak. The other one, blocking a particular app request irrespective of who sends you. This can be used when you tend to get a particular app invite from different friends.

This can be done using the blocking section of settings. You can use 'Block app invites' for former method and 'Block apps' for the latter.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Is there any other important thing I have missed to mention, if yes please open your mind in comments section...