Clipboard manager for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android

Almost 65% of the world people use digital devices daily. And we have been doing copy paste operations with this devices. We copy texts from internet or mp3s from our friend's pendrive and paste it to memory storage devices. This post is all about how to perform this copy paste operations more efficient than ever before by making use of clipboard managers.

copy paste operations using clipboard managers

What is a clipboard manager?

Clipboard mangers are nothing but small applications that saves the history of the things we copied irrespective of whether it is a file or text and retrieves that from our system's memory whenever it is needed. You can save upto 1000 entries (depending upon the application you use) and paste whenever needed. It means you can even paste the mobile number of your friend that you copied 4 months earlier.

Assume you are filling an application form, in that form you have to enter your and your dad's e-mail id several times. What will you do? Do you have time to copy and paste the e-mail ids every time?

If you have a clipboard manger installed in your device you need not worry about any thing. You can set shorcut keys to paste multiple e-mail ids. Thus, it is a time saving application. By the end of this post you would learn how to use a clipboard manger and you would able to do copy paste operations more efficiently.

why should you use a clipboard manager?

  • Have you ever thought what will happen to the previously copied file or text?
  • What will you do if you want to paste a content that you copied earlier?
  • Clipboard managers will save your time and reduce your work.
  • You can do copy paste actions more efficiently with a clipboard manager.

Download links

Ample amount of clipboard applications are out there. For every platform I have given free to use but powerful clipboard manager download links.

Windows users:

Software name : Ditto

Size : 3. 1MB

Mac users:

Software name : Jumpcut

Size : 518KB

Android users:

Application name : Clipdroid

Size : Varies with device

Linux users:

Linux users may try Glipper for gnome & for kde almost in all distributions there is a default package called Klipper you can use that.

But, I am using CopyQ. It works like a charm.


Note: Following is a simple illustration of how a clipboard application will work. And the application used for this tutorial is ditto in Windows environment. Almost all the clipboard managers will have similar look and there is also a chance for some discriminations.

See the following image.


I have entered a text and copied it.


Now I typed another sentence in a different file and copied it.

If you press ctrl+v the text that you copied second will be pasted. What will you do if you want to paste the text you copied first.

In this case these clipboard managers come for rescue.

ditto clipboard manager

Now open your clipboard manager software (here it is Ditto).

Double click the text that you want to paste.


Now, if you press ctrl+v the content that you double-clicked in the clipboard manager will be pasted or the first content of the clipboard manager will be pasted whenever you press ctrl+v or select paste option.

clipboard manager

In the above image the first entry is 'Ditto-Clipboard manager so it will be pasted when you press ctrl+v.

This method is not only applicable for texts but also for files. . . . . . .

Just check the following images. . . . . . . . . . .


So every computer user must have a clipboard manager application for the hassle free time saving Text & File manipulation. What is your experience with your clipboard manager application?

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